I have to say, my now-husband and I took a chance on The Party Jammers for our wedding reception (we heard them online but had never seen them perform) – and it paid off BIG TIME! They are so talented and have so much energy. They rocked the dance floor all night long. Kevin and I did not want to sit down! We danced all night and it was so much FUN! They got everyone involved! I think if our Reception Hall did not need to close at a certain hour – they would have kept playing – everyone was just that in to it. It is now 4 days post-wedding and people are still telling us what a fun party it was and how great The Party Jammers were. I’ve even had 2 of my friends text me to get The Party Jammers contact info for their upcoming receptions! Seriously, do yourself a favor and BOOK THIS BAND! We are so glad that we did!! Thanks to The Party Jammers!