Guy Parker

“I cannot thank you enough for providing and lining us up with the Party Jammers on Saturday night. They were awesome. The crowd at the reception exceeded our expectations and planning, and the band never missed a beat. They were so professional and amazing – their music, outfits, song choices, etc –everything was top notch. Plus, they handled the crowd from start to finish – quite honestly, both Becky and I were completely overwhelmed at the beginning and they took charge and handled it. As the evening went on they provided more than we could have ever expected – I do not think the bride and groom ever left the dance floor. They had a wonderful time !

Thank you both for everything. I was hardly able to talk to the band at the reception so I hope that all of their needs were met and they were taken care of – they truly provided awesome entertainment and made the entire evening one that we will never forget.

Many many thanks to you both and please convey to them how much we appreciated everything!”